Threeo 1.0 Privacy Policy

Updated: 06 March 2013

Hello, and welcome to Threeo!

This Privacy Policy exists to let you know what data Threeo 1.0 collects, why I collect it, and how to control what data is collected by Threeo. This policy was last updated on 06 March 2013 and is effective from that data forward.

Threeo will always ask for permission before collecting any personal data not specifically related to gameplay. For details, please read on.

What Data Does Threeo Collect?

Threeo 1.0 collects and retains the following information by default on your iPhone® or iPod touch®:

  • Data related to current gameplay (e.g., your current game and cards, time elapsed)
  • Data related to past gameplay (e.g., your fastest times, your records of wins and losses)
  • Data related to login and logout

Additionally, Threeo 1.0 may collect and store any data you provide to the application, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your username, headline, and biography.
  • Your profile photo
  • Your application preferences

Why Does Threeo Collect These Data?

All data currently collected by Threeo are specifically chosen to improve your experience when using Threeo. Gameplay data is stored so that you may interrupt your game without losing your game or without having to start a new game when you return. Data related to past games are stored so that you may maintain a record of your wins, losses, and other statistics to make gameplay more enjoyable. Optional data provided by the user, including but not limited to username, headline, biography, profile photo, and application preferences, are also used to improve your experience and establish ownership over your data and statistics.

Who Has Access To My Data?

Currently all data collected by Threeo are stored on your local device and are accessible only to you and others who may use your device. In future versions of Threeo, your gameplay and provided data may be stored on a secure external server and shared with other users of Threeo.

Does Threeo Use Cookies?

Threeo 1.0 does not use cookies.

Does Threeo Access Data Stored On My Device?

With your explicit permission as provided by in-application alerts, Threeo 1.0 may access your camera and/or photo library. To deny Threeo access to your camera and/or photo library, simply desist from uploading any photos to Threeo by skipping such alerts.

Threeo will always ask for permission before accessing any data or technologies stored on your device, including but not limited to your contacts, your social media account(s), your photos, your location and locational data, and your Internet, phone, and data connections. Nevertheless, Threeo 1.0 does not access any of the aforementioned data or technologies on your phone.

How Do I Control My Data?

Since all data for Threeo 1.0 are stored on your local device, all data may be removed by simply uninstalling the application from your device. Doing so will erase all gameplay data and all user-provided data.

User-provided data such as username, headline, biography, and profile photo may be edited at any time by editing your profile. Editing your profile updates and overwrites all relevant data on your device.

You can remove your profile photo at any time by simple selecting "Clear Photo" after tapping on your photo while editing your profile.

How Might This Privacy Policy Change In The Future?

It is likely that in future updates of Threeo your information may also be stored on an external server to allow you to save your data more securely in addition to accessing your account from multiple devices. Future updates may also enable optional device-to-device gameplay that will require you to share your gameplay and provided data with other users. This Privacy Policy will be updated to reflect such changes when they occur, and you will be notified of such changes so that you may provide or deny consent.